29 Apr 2012

Gogo Gadget

Sunglasses: vintage Ray Ban
Scarf: H&M
Jeans: Zara

With Easter when I visited Copenhagen, I did a small shoot in Christiania. I felt like an undercover agent in my trench coat and with my 'bag with gun'. A fashionably Inspector Gadget, without the hat with helicopter. Gogo gadget!

Photography: Marc Deurloo

26 Apr 2012

Fashion Against Aids

Jacket, necklace, phoneholder: H&M Fashion Against Aids

Got what I wanted!

New in

New in: nail polish, 'Cracked nail polish' and 'Matte top coat'. (H&M) 
Something to try this weekend!


23 Apr 2012

Spring Is In My Hair

Striped dress: Joline Jolink
Sweater: Filippa K
Patent leather jacket and knee-socks: Marni for H&M

My favourite hairdo at the moment is a braid wrapped around my head. To spice the braid up I like to add rosegold hairpins (as shown in yesterdays blog) How do you spice up your hairdo?

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22 Apr 2012

Rosegold accessoires

All accessoires: H&M

Don't you love the rosegold trend? I will not wear these items all together, but ones in a while I like to add a little rosegold to my outfit. Tomorrow I will show you how I wore the rosegold hairpins the other day. Stay tuned!

18 Apr 2012

Royal Cardigan

Cardigan: Sparkle and Fade for Urban Outfitters (for sale here)
Blouse: Zara (for sale here)
Jeans: Zara
Belt with bag: Joline Jolink 
With Easter I spend a few days in Copenhagen. These photos are taken in Christiansborg Palace. I loved the patterns on the walls and doors. By coincidence my cardigan fitted well with the royal background! I bought the cardigan at Urban Outfitters. I love shopping at Urban Outfitters abroad since there's no UO in Amsterdam...

Photography: Marc Deurloo

14 Apr 2012

New (Festival) Look

 All clothes and accessoiries New Look

Last Thursday New Look opened a shop-in-shop in V&D in Amsterdam Noord. I was invited to come to shop as one of the first. I applaud New Look for making such nice low-budget pieces, which fit really well together. I loved the bag in the first picture, but was a little too small for me (knowing I always bring more than will fit in that bag). The shirt in the third picture made my decision very hard. But the knitted shirt won.

I put together a festival outfit with knitted top, a neon pink bandeau, patent leather clutch with pink details, scarf with birds (looking forward wearing this in my hair, hippie-style) and a necklace with balloon and several bracelets. 
I will certainly wear this to one of the festivals I will be visiting this summer! 
Many thanks New Look!

Minty Beanie

Blouse: H&M
Sweater: Sparkle and Fade for Urban Outfitters for sale here 
Jacket: Marni for H&M
Beanie: Vandals via Carlings

I love pastels, especially mint. Here a nice minty beanie, to give a nice spring-feeling to a wintery outfit. Have a good weekend! 

Photography: Marc Deurloo

8 Apr 2012

H(Y)ello(w) Easter

H(Y)ello(w) Easter

Upper left: Joline Jolink blazer
Upper mid: H&M blouse
Upper right: Zara dress
Lower left: Zara coat
Lower right: Joline Jolink dress

One of favourite brands, Joline Jolink, made some nice yellow designs for her spring summer 2012 collection. My favourite pieces are the blazer and the yellow dress, but she also sells a nice scarf, so check out her webshop this Easter!