27 Aug 2012

Backstage at Press Only

I am wearing:
Shirt: Zara
Shoes: Palladium 
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Since I started my blog I wondered what goes on backstage at a PR agency. Last month I did a one-day-internship at PR agency Press Only. The ladies of Press Only were so kind to show me what a day looks like at a PR agency. I helped writing Dutch and English short press messages for different brands, looked for magazine pages of brands Press Only represents, and went with a long-term intern on a short shoot on the street with a stroller (without a baby...). It was a fun day, thanks ladies of Press Only! 

23 Aug 2012

Chick on a Shirt

Shoes: New Look

Tonight I found this gorgeous shirt at Jutka & Riska. One of my favourite shops selling vintage and new clothes/ jewellery/ shoes/ bags etc. The print of the shirt is handmade and it's a 1 out of 15. I can't wait to wear it this weekend with leggings, maybe a cardigan and some creepers: my new New Look shoes! I wish I could wear it with a headband, red lipstick and a cross around my neck and look as cool as the chick on the shirt...

Photography by me

21 Aug 2012

Plain Mood

Shirt: Monki
Cut off leggings and see-through ring: H&M
Shoes: Vintage
Bracelet as ankle bracelet: New Look
Nail polish: American Apparel

Sometimes simple is the only option to feel comfortable. Most of my outfits are colourful, full of prints and with different kinds of fabric. I respect people who can combine simple pieces together and still look beautiful. Sometimes, these are rare moments, I feel like part of that group. So here is one of those rare moments, where I am in a plain mood. Hope you like it!

Photography: Marc Deurloo

11 Aug 2012

Dip dye It Yourself

Shirt: Zara
Sunnies: Rayban
Hair colour: La Riche

I have had the blonde dip dye for a while now. To add a little more spice to it I added some pink dip dye. So now I have a double dip dye! To create this look you will need: 
- La Riche semi permanent hair colour, I used 'Flamingo pink' 
 (I bought mine at a Kinki kapper)
- a hair dye brush
- a pair of plastic gloves
- a plastic bag long enough for your hair
- a comb
- a bucket of warm water
- and a friend who is willing to help you... 

First I put some old clothes on (you want to make sure nothing else gets pink except where you want it). I wet my hair, and wrapped a plastic bag around my neck. We did the dyeing outside so my bathroom would not be pink in the end. My friend combed my hair and divided it evenly on the plastic bag. Because it was wet it was sticking a bit to the plastic bag. This way it is easier to see where you want the dip dye to begin and end. She started at the lower part of my hair until it reached the height I wanted it to be. We waited 15 minutes, as it said on the package of La Riche. Then we took a bucket of warm water to wash of the most of the dye. Afterwards I washed my hair and put some care products in it. You want to make sure you do not shampoo your hair as much, because the colour will go out a bit every time. Take care of your hair with a defrizz serum to let it look healthy. 

Photography: Marc Deurloo

7 Aug 2012

Palladium blues

Short: H&M
Shoes: Palladium
Sunnies: Rayban
Nail polish: American Apparel

This is my definition of a practical and light summer outfit, without looking like a girl scout... I have a fear to wear practical holiday outfits and look like a raincoat-wearing tourist in every photo. When on vacation I feel the need to look good, but also to feel good. To feel good needs some practical considerations most of the times, like: do wear cotton, don't wear synthetic fabric. So my main consideration; how do I look fabulous without sweating my ass off and feel uncomfortable? An every year returning subject.

My favourite shoes ever on a holiday are these Palladiums: 'Palladium pampa oxford lite pool blue'. They are light, comfortable and the colour really looks like a pool, which matches well with the palm trees of the blouse. (Now even on sale in the H&M webshop) Doesn't the print of the blouse and the pool-colour-shoes scream; 'I am on a holiday!'? 
While taking these photos I was visiting Tenganan, a small traditional Balinese village. I felt like blending in with my palm tree shirt. This outfit met my list of requirements for a good holiday outfit quite well, don't you think?

Photography: Marc Deurloo