24 Jun 2013


Today is the day I turned 30. Today is the day my twenties are over. Twenties were great for blogging, I hope in my thirties the blogging will continue this way. 
Thanks to the people who read my blogposts and believe in me! I hope you continue to believe in me in my thirties. 
Thanks to the people who came to my exhibition opening last friday at the Fashion Hotel! And thanks to the people who want to buy a photo!
If you want to see the exhibition, you can go (almost) any time of the day to the Fashion hotel Amsterdam to see it, and if you want to buy one of the photos; just send me an email.


18 Jun 2013

Offline blog exposition at Fashion Hotel Amsterdam!

It is a bit of short notice, but I am very proud to announce to you: my offline blog-exposition with the boyfriend in collaboration with Tree Full of Scones! It's a celebration of the one year collaboration between photographer Marc Deurloo and my fashion blog. Exhibition of 20 photos (you can buy them too!)and official release party June 21st in Fashion Hotel Amsterdam. If you want to come RSVP to: info@treefullofscones.com. Hope to see you there!

11 Jun 2013

'Staring is Caring' Supertrash skirt and Minkpink cardigan from NR9

Cardigan: Minkpink by NR9
Shirt: H&M
Boots: Zara
Backpack: Episode
Sunglasses and scarf: Queensday market

One of the last days of May I went to the release party of the 'Staring is Caring' skirt designed by Supertrash designer Olcay Gulsen in collaboration with Stop Aids Now. I love the fact you can buy a fashionable (and comfortable!) piece and all of the profit goes to a project for woman with HIV in Godino in Ethiopia. 
Together with tv personality Tess Milne and Anna Nooshin of the website NSMBL, Olcay launched the project to raise money for woman to start their own business. The skirt you can buy at the website of Supertrash or in a Supertrash store in the Netherlands or Belgium for only 29,95 euros! 

In the above pictures I'm wearing the skirt in my own way. For me the skirt is perfect to wear to a festival! The cardigan I'm wearing is from one of my favourite new shops in Amsterdam: NR9 at Herenstraat 18. They sell Dutch brands and international brands, very comfortable, very colourful, so very me! This Minkpink cardigan I will be wearing all summer long during chilly summer nights (and days)!