31 May 2012

Party with Hilfiger

Blouse: H&M

Yesterday at Paradiso in Amsterdam my boyfriend and me enjoyed a night of music and drinks at the Hilfiger Denim Live party. Dutch band Go Back To The Zoo gave a great show. Great party Tommy Hilfiger! Hope you all have a good weekend! (a bit early...)  

29 May 2012

Dutch design: Charlotte Kan and Bas Kosters

Jumpsuit: Charlotte Kan
Penis Legging: Bas Kosters available in white here and in disco here Sunglasses: Vintage Rayban
Watch: Swanson

Remember I met the talented Charlotte Kan the other day at the one day shop? Well this beautiful jumpsuit is of her hand. I love the fitting, the fabric and hello look at that colour. Definitely one of my favourite summer pieces so far! 
With the jumpsuit I am wearing the genius penis legging of Bas Kosters, I blogged about previously here. At first I was a bit scared to get out of the house in pictures of penises, but no one seemed to notice I was wearing pornographic pictures. It's just a cool print on a cool fashion piece. End of story.

So wear your penis legging with pride!

Photography: Marc Deurloo

28 May 2012

Sneak Peek!

Sneak Peek for tomorrows post!


Shirt:  American Apparel buy here
 Jeans, sunglasses, bracelets, hairring: H&M

I like to wear things differently. 
The other day in an American Apparel store I saw this girl wearing an amazing top I didn't recognize from their collection. (Yes I do know exactly what they sell...) Later on I figured out she was wearing her deep v-neck shirt backwards. Since I own 4 of these shirts I did not bother to buy a new one. My boyfriend does not wear anything else than the short sleeve deep v-neck. He owns about every colour they are available in. So hello new shirts with back cleavage! Now the hunt in my closet for other pieces to wear backwards can start... What fashion piece would you like to wear backwards?
BTW: What do you think of these Isabel Marant-ish sneakers? They are very comfortable and for a good price at Jutka & Riska.

Photography: Marc Deurloo

23 May 2012

Looking foward to fall, New Look presentation

All clothing and accessoiries: New Look

These pictures were taken by me yesterday during the press release of New Look organised by Press Only. When finally the weather hits of in the Netherlands, I am looking forward to fall... I am in love with everything covered in crosses of the New Look collection. Well, crosses there were many! Jewellery, sweaters and even a short are pimped with crosses. And good news for girls who love their collars; their still on for fall. Blouses with collars or separate collars are here to stay in different shapes, of different materials and with different studs.

Fingers crossed fall comes early this year.

22 May 2012

Penis Legging Galore

Yesterday one of my favourite designers, and friend, Bas Kosters was on television, on RTL Boulevard. His penis legging, previously mentioned in this blogpost, is all over the news. Everybody has to have the penis legging, and now there is even a waiting list. Lucky me, I just bought it last week... 

You can watch the (Dutch) video by clicking on one the above photos.

19 May 2012

City Jungle

Blouse and Jeans: Zara
Jacket: Vintage
Shoes: H&M
Sunglasses: Vintage Uvex

Sometimes a city can feel like a jungle. My city has nice parks and green areas. But the busy part of the city can sometimes also feel as a jungle. 
Today I visited the Tuschinski to see the new film of dr. Jane Goodall. The inspirational and humourous dr. introduced the film very personal. I had peanuts and a banana juice, which fitted well with the chimps in the movie... dr. Jane Goodall was Joline Jolink's inspiration for her last collection, I think she could not pick a better muse than dr. Goodall. I love the movie, although it is a bit long. After the movie I went shopping, that did not mean I wasn't inspired from the movie, I think we should think about our planet, enjoy it but don't destroy it. And that's what I did; enjoying biking in my city jungle.  

Photography: Marc Deurloo

17 May 2012

This Week's: Inspiration, To Buy, and Vintage Finds

This Week


My Inspiration

Maarten van der Horst in Glamcult


To Buy

H&M Water Aid 2012

Vintage Finds


14 May 2012

Win Palladiums at Frontrunner!

For my Dutch readers: 

Palladium staat bekend om acties in guerrilla stijl rond en in grote steden over de hele wereld! Op dit moment is Palladium bezig met de voorbereiding van een hele leuke actie met Frontrunner die vanaf 17 mei a.s. gaat lopen. Zij zullen gedurende 3 dagen in Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Groningen, Rotterdam en Utrecht magneten verspreiden in het stadscentrum rond de winkel, waarop een Palladium boot te zien is. Dit zal een rode of een gouden versie zijn. Vind je zo’n magneet (zie hieronder) ga hier dan mee naar de dichtstbijzijnde Frontrunner store. De rode geeft kans op het winnen van een paar Palladium boots of een goodie. Het gouden exemplaar betekent gegarandeerd een paar Palladium boots!

Ideaal voor de komende festival periode natuurlijk, dus explore your city en vind die gouden magneet! Good luck!

13 May 2012

HTNK One Day Shop

Bas Kosters

Bas Kosters

Matthijs van Bergen

Matthijs van Bergen

Saint Germain

Martine Viergever

Martine Viergever

Charlotte Kan

Yesterday I went to the one-day shop of HTNK at Trouw. I had some interesting conversations with designers and shop owners. I bought the wonderful penis legging in glitter-green of my friend, fashion designer Bas Kosters, and a very nice jumpsuit and peach-coloured tote bag of the lovely fashion designer Charlotte Kan. (Will show you later in a blog post!). Jewellery designer Martine Viergever makes such nice pieces of jewellery inspired by simple genius designs of nature or everyday-use products. Previously on the Internet I discovered already her Gummi C bracelets, but for now I decided to buy a simple small silver bracelet with two little stars of brass. 
BTW: I am in love with the shop Saint Germain, I will definitely visit them some time soon!