27 Jan 2013

To the AFW Gsus show in Antoine Peters for Gsus

Photography: Marc Deurloo

Marc, me and Antoine
Photography: Gsus sindustries

Photography: Marc Deurloo
I'm wearing: 
dress worn as skirt: Charlotte Kan
Legging and heels: H&M MMM
Necklace: YEP Collection

Friday the show of Gsus sindustries was on the programme of AFW. (Pictures will follow later.) To the show I was wearing the Antoine Peters for Gsus men's shirt and the bowtie of their last collaboration. Antoine Peters himself also wore his shirt and bowtie but in a different manner. Do you remember the Charlotte Kan dress
which I wore in 5different manners? Well I found a sixth: as a skirt! The bowtie keeps the skirt perfectly in place. I finished my outfit of with a gold with white stones necklace of Yep Collection and the nude coloured legging and nude coloured heels of the H&M Maison Martin Margiela collection. I got a lot of compliments on this outfit that day, even of the styling Master himself, CarloWijnands, hope you like it too!

26 Jan 2013

AFW Favorites so far: the angry lamb and the beanie bowler hat

These two are my favourites so far for Amsterdam Fashion Week: the angry lamb in the first photo and the beanie bowler hat in the second. This collection is of Marije de Haan. Inspired by sailors, the collection in off-white and black was small, but very detailed. Although it is a men's collection I would love to own some pieces! On the floor were keys, which made a lovely sound when the crowd entered the room and walked on the keys or by coincidence kicked them away.  

23 Jan 2013

Q&A with the Sartorialist

Jumpsuit and boots: Joline Jolink, Jumper: Mango, Blouse: Zara

Yesterday I went to &Foam for the booksigning and Q&A with The Sartorialist! Fortunately I was quick enough to stand almost in front of the line with the booksigning, so no long waiting for me! I had four books to sign, so I had some time to talk to him as well. He asked who my favourite designer is and my answer was; Joline Jolink, of who I was wearing a pretty jumpsuit at the moment, and I had her book signed. Above you can listen to the Q&A of the Sartorialist which I recorded. Happy fashion week everyone!