26 Nov 2012

Shopping day! @HTNK one day shop

Me with fashion designer and friend Bas Kosters, I am wearing: Mango knit, H&M Maison Martin Margiela jeans and bag, vintage shoes

Bas Kosters sweater 'Hell O' available here

Bas Kosters sweat pants and sweater 'Heineken 1956'

Charlotte Kan shorts

Charlotte Kan shorts silk

Shoes: Local AMS

Necklace: Martine Viergever

Cat Ring: Naked Design

Yesterday I had a great time at the HTNK one day shop at Trouw! The one day shop organised by HTNK is held twice per year, remember I was there 6 months ago? I spend the whole afternoon shopping with a friend, looking for great sales of great designers. Bas Kosters is always one of my favourite designers at this day. A few weeks ago he also opened a shop in the 9 straatjes! His shop is in Le Souk, Wolvenstraat 5, Amsterdam. I bought some Bas Kosters items yesterday as shown above. Furthermore I bought 3 items of Charlotte Kan. Recently I did a collaboration with her, so stay tuned for next weeks post!
I found these warm and very comfy shoes of local design Locals AMS, these will definitely will keep me warm this winter! Accessories that I bought: a cute necklace of Martine Viergever, and a cat ring by Naked Design, which will glow in the dark. The lovely designer of Naked Design let me know that the profits of the rings she sells go to animal shelters, meow! 

25 Nov 2012

A Round of Applause for HMMMM

Shirt, necklace, bag, heels: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M
Legging: Uncivilized

How about the Maison Martin Margiela collection for H&M! I love it! I always love oversized and odd shapes. This shirt is one of the many things I bought last week. I love the round shape of the blouse. I love the different years of MMM collections they represented! So I give the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collection a round of applause!
There are still things left online, so hurry!

8 Nov 2012


Shirt: Eleven Paris, buy it here
Scarf: Araisara
Jeans and heels: H&M

I do not like November. I think it is the ugliest month of the year. I never know what to wear in November. I bought tons of winter clothes but November is not cold enough for wool and too cool for one layer of cotton. November is the month I always get ill. I did get ill this week. And while being ill at home I did not pay attention while cutting bread, hence the bandaged finger. 
After that incident I am even more done with November. I can't grow a moustache to make it a cool and groovy Movember, so I'm giving the finger to November! A bandaged finger! And what better way to grow a fake moustache...

Photography: Marc Deurloo