8 Nov 2012


Shirt: Eleven Paris, buy it here
Scarf: Araisara
Jeans and heels: H&M

I do not like November. I think it is the ugliest month of the year. I never know what to wear in November. I bought tons of winter clothes but November is not cold enough for wool and too cool for one layer of cotton. November is the month I always get ill. I did get ill this week. And while being ill at home I did not pay attention while cutting bread, hence the bandaged finger. 
After that incident I am even more done with November. I can't grow a moustache to make it a cool and groovy Movember, so I'm giving the finger to November! A bandaged finger! And what better way to grow a fake moustache...

Photography: Marc Deurloo

1 comment:

  1. Haha this post made me giggle, I must admit that is the most creative Movember I have seen in a lady yet, poor finger lol. I hope it is a bit better now and you are recovered from your illness? I am the same with November it is a bit of a transition month between the beautiful autumn colours and calm weather of September and October (when the light is so pretty and the weather is cold but generally bright) and the winter wonderland that is December (Christmas lights, snow, woolly knits and cute accessories abound!) plus same as you I always get ill in November, I wonder what that is about?!?!

    Janine xx