30 Jan 2012

Fashionable People at Fashion Week

Since I like streetstyle often more than fashion shows I add this blog with fashionable people at Fashion week.

Journalist Aynouk Tan in Bas Kosters

DJ Wannabeastar and friend in Bas Kosters
Fashion designer Antoine Peters with Antoine Peters bow
Little reporter Eva from Zapp
Me in my fashion week outfit as posted before with bag of Vlieger en van Dam

My friend Coby with her lovely glasses
Girl in Versace for H&M
Fashionable trio in Versace for H&M

Blogger Sabrina Meijer from Afterdrk

Photographer Tamar Weenen with lovely earrings

PR lady in lovely printed outfit

Petra Heyboer in colourful outfit


MC, DJ and Performer Monsieur Plastique

Actress Victoria Koblenko in Antoine Peters

Singer El Rod and friend

Artist, dj, performer Krause in American Apparel

Fashion designer Joline Jolink in Joline Jolink

Fashion designers Mada van Gaans and Bas Kosters

Well-behaved Bonnie at Spijkers & Spijkers

Next to the show of Bas Kosters, I attended the show of Spijkers & Spijkers at Fashion Week Amsterdam. The show of the twins was inspired by Faye Dunaway who played Bonnie in the '67 movie Bonnie and Clyde. 

Photo: http://mandapandapalace.blogspot.com/2010/12/faye-dunaway-in-bonnie-and-clyde.html?zx=4c11c6c94f96e819

I did like the inspiration but for me the show was a little too 'now' instead of a vision of tomorrow. The colours blue, red, rusty red, brown and black fitted well together. On some dresses there were details of a little guns-print, a wink to Bonnie. I would like to have seen a little more daring Bonnies instead of the well-behaved Bonnies of SIS. I am inspired to wear my beret more often though! All in all it was nice to see the models in the end all together walking on the catwalk, so you could see the coherency of the collection.

Photography: me

29 Jan 2012

The Bas Kosters show

Last Wednesday I attended the show of fashion designer Bas Kosters;1,2, Tree. It had all elements to call it a real show: dancers, music mixed by a dj, a song by Bas himself joined with his voicemail, and a video in the background of Bas dressed as different monsters.
I had a blast, as always at Bas Kosters shows and parties. The show was colourful, fun and exciting. The telephone was a returning object, as well as fringes, dots, yellow fluffy fabric, and patterns of dolls/ monsters. It felt like a mini-monster-party with Bas as the King of monsters. (And parties!)

Photography: me

Photographer Marc Deurloo made pictures behind the scenes. Since I was in the back at the show I could not see the shoes at first, but damn those Palladiums in black and red are cool! My favorite of the show is the dress with Bas his head as a monster.

The Bas monsters by Marc Deurloo: 

 Photography: Marc Deurloo


25 Jan 2012

Bas Kosters@ AIFW 2012

Tomorrow is the kickoff of Amsterdam Fashion week! My dear friend Bas Kosters will be showing tomorrow his '1,2, Tree' collection. Inspired by the combination of the city and rural-live. I will be attending his show and will be shooting some streetstyle pictures.

Here a picture from his 2010 'Living too hard' collection by Marc Deurloo.

 The outfit I (probably) will be wearing tomorrow (in the theme of nature):

This blouse from ZARA

This lovely floral pants from H&M


21 Jan 2012

Quirky Nerd

I like studying, I like beta, I like reading books, I like being a bit quirky and nerdy. But I also like vintage and fashion. This is the combination of both. 
Have a fashionable weekend!

Blouse: H&M
Jumper: vintage (Rumors)
Jeans: Zara
Boots: Topshop
Snake Bowtie: Topshop
Knitted Glasses: Linda Valkeman

Photography: Marc Deurloo