29 Jan 2012

The Bas Kosters show

Last Wednesday I attended the show of fashion designer Bas Kosters;1,2, Tree. It had all elements to call it a real show: dancers, music mixed by a dj, a song by Bas himself joined with his voicemail, and a video in the background of Bas dressed as different monsters.
I had a blast, as always at Bas Kosters shows and parties. The show was colourful, fun and exciting. The telephone was a returning object, as well as fringes, dots, yellow fluffy fabric, and patterns of dolls/ monsters. It felt like a mini-monster-party with Bas as the King of monsters. (And parties!)

Photography: me

Photographer Marc Deurloo made pictures behind the scenes. Since I was in the back at the show I could not see the shoes at first, but damn those Palladiums in black and red are cool! My favorite of the show is the dress with Bas his head as a monster.

The Bas monsters by Marc Deurloo: 

 Photography: Marc Deurloo


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  1. that show looks like a real party! Wish I would have been there!