26 Sep 2012

Open casting call Free People in Amsterdam!

I have some good news for fashionistas in Amsterdam! This Saturday the 29th of September the Philadelphia based brand Free People (founding father of Urban Outfitters) will hold an open casting call.
Each month Free People travels to a different location around the world to shoot its catalogue, and now they are coming to Amsterdam. For this shoot they have no set model for the book, but instead, they are going to be holding open castings on September 29.
Free People is looking for women ages 18-45 with a cool style to come out and show their faces. Fifty contestants will be chosen to appear in their January catalogue themed, "girls on bikes," with photographer Guy Aroch.
The shoot will take place October 20-26, so models will have to be
available one of these days. A select few will be featured on their Bldg 25 blog.
For more details on the casting call stay tuned on my Facebook and twitter... 

24 Sep 2012

Vintage Nails

I found something new with a vintage look for my nails. Isn't this cute?

11 Sep 2012

My week: Antoine Peters 'Hope', Bas Kosters show at Valtifest and Weekday Opening in Amsterdam

Antoine Peters 'Hope'

Marc Deurloo, my boyfriend, photographer for Antoine Peters 'Hope'

Me in Antoine Peters with Bas Kosters

In the back: me in Antoine Peters SS12

Bas Kosters show at Valtifest

All outfits made by Bas Kosters

In case you didn't notice; on the left is me in Bas Kosters outfit

Me rocking the Valtifest main stage in Bas Kosters

Getting my nails done at the Weekday opening

Weekday also sells designer clothes, this is one of my faourite dresses by Back

Sweater I bought with Weekday giftcard, thanks Weekday!

This week I had a fashionable week! It started on the 30th of August with the literally thundering opening of Weekday. While it was raining and thundering outside, inside it was warm, cosy and fashionable with chocolat bites, wine, georgeous looking clothes and friendly nail artists. Weekday knows what a girl (and boys) wants! As a daughter of H&M, selling different brands and designer collaborations I am an immediate fan. (I already was a fan since I spotted Weekday in Copenhagen, but now closer to home is even better!) You will defintely spot me in some Weekday outfits in coming blogs.

2 days later I had the chance to visit Valtifest for the third time. It is THE dress up festival in Amsterdam making it a very good last festival of the season. The theme of this year was 'Next to Uranus'. I took it literally by wearing my penis legging of Bas Kosters. And I had the whole Milky Way on my head by wearing a carton of milk, very Anna dello Russo-ish. Later that night I had the chance to take part in a performance of Bas Kosters in a Bas Kosters outfit. (Do you recognize me?) Well, that really was a cherry on the festival cake! The shows of Bas Kosters were phenomenal as always. He did three shows during the day, all in different Bas Kosters outfits, creating different Bas Kosters creatures. 

The last event (but not least) I went to was the presentation of the latest project of Antoine Peters, 'Hope'. A very fun and hopeful project in collaboration with Marc Deurloo (my boyfriend, who made all the photographs) The 'dress/ jumpsuit' presented in the pictures is an oily dress with just legs, no arms or head. The dancer who took part in the project shaped the dress in many angles with different attributes, it looked interesting and funny at the same time. By changing shapes Antoine tried to capture a new world, for if the end of the world would be near. The project shows how we treat each other, how we treat the world, and the hope that comes from this. Keep the hope up!

5 Sep 2012

Black and Yellow

Dress and bracelet: H&M
Necklace: Zara
Flipflops: Havaianas
Backpack: Episode
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Nail polish: American Apparel

These photos were made a time ago, I had to show them to you so,
You could judge them fashionwise, am I wack or am I fly?

Candidasa was the place to be, on my favorite holiday in Bali,
Swimming, chillin', swimming, chillin', nothing else we did out there, it's my favorite place yes anywhere.

Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow.

(made my own little rap...) 

Photography: Marc Deurloo