29 Oct 2012

If I was a Parisienne part I

dress: vintage
blouse: Zara
sweater, jacket, collar: H&M
socks: Marni for H&M
shoes: Copenhagen
Last month I visited Paris. Oh, how I love Paris! The next blogs I will be dedicating to my favourite city to visit (Amsterdam still stays first though). If I was a Parisienne, I would:
- Eat a croissant everyday
- Have bare legs more often
- Visit one museum per week 
- Wear sporty chic outfits likes this more often

What would you do when you would be a Parisienne?


  1. this outfit does have a rather cool parisian feel to it, lovely dress and knee high socks!
    would you like to follow each other?

  2. Very very cool outfit, you carry it off so well. I wouldn't be brave enough just yet to try this, but part of the reason I started blogging is to get inspiration and some bravery to try new things. I am still building up to it but each outfit I see like this where the person wearing it looks so cute (like you do)pushes me a bit closer to it :-)

    Oh I love Paris too, it has wonderful memories for me as I traveled there on my own to meet up with some amazing ladies I met online (That sounds dodgy doesn't it haha) put it this way we met through an online support group for something we were all fighting through and it brought us together. One lady came from Wisconsin, another from Switzerland, another from Belgium, another (Who I already knew) came from her teaching job in Avold and little old me from Northern England. It was so exciting, we were silly and had fun and also had moments where we just sat in comfortable silence taking in the surroundings like a group of people who had known each other all our lives, so yes this place holds a special place in my heart forever. Also the city itself... oh my, don't even get me started on that. Paris is so romantic and beautiful and so full of vibrancy and life, from Boho chic to high end polished fashion, Paris has it all!!

    Janine xx