28 May 2012


Shirt:  American Apparel buy here
 Jeans, sunglasses, bracelets, hairring: H&M

I like to wear things differently. 
The other day in an American Apparel store I saw this girl wearing an amazing top I didn't recognize from their collection. (Yes I do know exactly what they sell...) Later on I figured out she was wearing her deep v-neck shirt backwards. Since I own 4 of these shirts I did not bother to buy a new one. My boyfriend does not wear anything else than the short sleeve deep v-neck. He owns about every colour they are available in. So hello new shirts with back cleavage! Now the hunt in my closet for other pieces to wear backwards can start... What fashion piece would you like to wear backwards?
BTW: What do you think of these Isabel Marant-ish sneakers? They are very comfortable and for a good price at Jutka & Riska.

Photography: Marc Deurloo

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