24 Jun 2012


Sweater: Zara

Gold bracelet: New Look
Silver bracelet with stars: Martine Viergever
9 strings bracelet silver, gold, rose gold: COS
Ring with cross: Jutka & Riska

Bracelet with beads and roses: New Look
Rose gold bracelet: H&M
Yellow leather bracelet with wood: Nikki Giling 
See through plastic ring: H&M

Today is my birthday, and I will wear my lovely Marni for H&M long dress. Even though the weather isn't that fantastic I feel like summer dressing up on this day. I will spice my dress up with some fantastic accessoiries, which you see in the above pictures. I love to wear different kind of material bracelets all together. I like to combine bold bracelets with beads bracelets with romantic roses. How do you like the Nikki Giling bracelet? The placement of the wood in the leather is a real craft. She also made lovely wooden visors and hats. A real treat when the sun will kick in!

Photography: Marc Deurloo

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