25 Feb 2013

Walking on the streets of London

Shirt, leggings and cat-bag: Bas Kosters

As you could see on my last blogpost I went to London fashion week, to the show of Bas Kosters, called: The Rebellious Shadow. To this show I wore, ofcourse, a Bas Kosters outfit! I'm very into all-over-prints at the moment. This shirt and legging are from his previous show at Amsterdam Fashion Week; 1,2 tree. I like how the two prints of the legging are different on both legs on front and back side. To match my hair with the rebellious theme of Bas his London show I made a mohawk of buns. 
During trips I always have to leave my cat behind at home (also called Bas, by coincidence), but with this sweet cat-bag I don't feel that much pet-less.

Photography: Marc Deurloo

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