25 Jul 2012

Modefabriek, Fashion factory

Me wearing the Bas Kosters penis legging
with my purchase of Maison Miau

Motel Rocks for Maison Miau

Legguns; Guns on leggings

Gold and copper bike made by van Heesch Design

Bike bells by van Heesch Design

Bas Kosters SS13 collection: Love, Fuck Yeah

Detail of Bas Kosters collection

Love is Bas Kosters' inspiration

Towel pattern pants and jacket by Bas Kosters

Inside out jeans jacket by Glenn Martens

Beautiful designs by Glenn Martens
Thanks to Press Only, yesterday I visited the modefabriek. I could not resist to buy something of the beautiful Eva, owner of webshop Maison Miau. She sells Wildfox, Motel and Club Manhattan, and there's still some sale at her webshop as we speak! I love the bag with her logo, but what's inside the bag I will keep a secret, but will show you soon.

I met Maudy, the Dutch designer of Legguns. This girl knows how to design a legging! For sale at her website and at different shops. Will definitely purchase one of those someday!

Who think bikes are not fashionable; think again! Van Heesch Design proves you wrong. Remember the rose gold trend? Well how about a bike in rose gold? Van Heesch Design designed a bike of copper (which is my favourite) and also of brass. When you are on a budget it is possible to buy a designed bell and/ or bike lock, which will fashionably update your bike instantly.

Last week at Fashion week, the best show in my opinion was of my friend Bas Kosters. His inspiration for his show was LOVE. It was definitely not a stroll of models in outfits, but it was a SHOW. The music fitted, the slow-dancing models fitted, the marrying couple Bas and his blow-up heart fitted, and last but not least the delicious cake in the same patterns of the collection fitted. Well done. It made me smile. At modefabriek I had a chance to see the collection up-close and it made me smile again.

Lastly I met the young talented Belgium designer Glenn Martens. Although my heart mostly belongs to patterns this guy made my heart jump for joy for basic colours and different shapes. Look at his beautiful website to see his full collection.

Photography by me

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