12 Feb 2013

How to wear low budget snow boots?

'So wie so' sweater: Bas Kosters
Leggings: Bas Kosters
Black Sweater: Just another yard sale
Snow goggles: POC
Snow boots: Gamma

Those last days of winter are the ugliest. When Spring collections pop up everywhere but snow and ice are still the everyday weather. How lovely those cute spring shoes look, I will be wearing my snow boots just a little longer. Snow boots are for sale in different prize ranges, shapes, of different brands and all kinds of materials and colours. For me a snow boot does not have to be from a big brand, it has to keep me warm, fit with different outfits and make sure I don't loose grip and fall on my butt in the snow.
These low budget snow boots I am wearing are from Gamma, a Dutch hardware store. Not really a fashionable place to shop, but these snow boots are convenient, comfortable and with the black and white they are very wearable with a lot of outfits! 
In the pictures I am wearing leggings of Dutch designer Bas Kosters, one combined with Bas Kosters sweater and the other with a vintage black knit sweater. The beanie with stud crosses of Yep Collection and the POC snow goggles makes the outfit look very winter sport fähig and ready for some ski action!

I will be visiting London Fashion Week to attend a presentation of Bas Kosters this weekend! So stay tuned for a report of this happy event!

Photography: Marc Deurloo

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